Headquartered in SURREY, BC, Shine Production is one of the industry’s most innovative professional production agencies in the area. With a wide range of services including music production, music industry talent recruitment, movie production, a modern, full service recording studio and more, you can count on Shine Production to help make your next feature project stand out. From the planning, development and recording phase, to the production, launch and marketing of your feature film, television series or music album, Shine Production is your experienced partner in creating a bright future for you and your entertainment career.


Iqbal Sandhu

Iqbal Sandhu

Chief Executive Officer

Amrik Sidhu

Head of Operations


Shine Production is an innovative entertainment industry specific production agency focused on becoming the leading platform for small to medium and enterprise level filmmakers, recording artists and performers around the world. Our experience and commitment to improving on the concept of modern production and recording methods and how we help our clients achieve their goals is what has made us one of the fastest growing professional production agencies in the country.


Shine Production wants to take the confusion out of music and film production industry and make it so our clients and the end users, their fans, can better understand the messages and ideas their music and their performances are trying to convey.



At Shine Production, we will be ever diligent in our approach to providing a value-laden service to our clients.


Shine Production is a values-centric music and film production agency that is committed to the values of both quality and integrity. Our integrity is the foundation of the service we offer and it ensures that we will always be the most cost-effective and client focused professional production agency.


At Shine Production, we will be ever diligent in our approach to providing a value-laden service to our clients.


The spirit of innovation and a passionate commitment to quality of experience underpins everything we do at Shine Production. Our perseverance in providing our clients with exactly the recording, production and talent solutions they need, when they need them and how they need them, is what will make us the number one production agency in our industry.